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About Support

Who Can Access Support?
Support offers assistance to direct customers and partners with Blue-Compass Cloud subscriptions in good billings standing.

For Indirect Customers
If you've purchased a Blue-Compass product through a partner, please contact that partner for technical support.

Concierge Service
The Blue-Compass Concierge Service Team is ready to assist you with non-technical post-sales issues including:
  • Subscription and billing related questions
  • Web portal access issues
  • Office hybrid/Cloud Add-in download issues
  • General questions regarding Blue-Compass products
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Technical Support
Our Team of dedicated support personel and experts are ready to assist in resolving technical issues with your Blue-Compass subscription, for instance:
  • Installation Troubleshooting.
  • Blue-Compass API calls or functions not working as expected, or as defined.
  • Stock Pricing chart not as expected.
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For service outage or emergency help:
+1 (732) 301-4901