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We’re Made From The Same DNA

Blue-Compass was founded by Sell-Side industry professionals working in the industry for years. We know your business ... because we’ve been in the business and we use our insight toward driving innovations that place your product firmly ahead of the competition. We walk side by side with our customers in order to focus on the immediate challenges facing our industry, all the while keeping our cost low and innovation high.


Our platform is a True Cloud Offering … not just simple access to a standalone server through a web browser.

Blue-Compass was founded and designed from the ground up to run on Microsoft’s massively scalable Azure Cloud which offers high reliability and triple geo-redundancy. We started with a clean sheet of paper and combined decades of experience with fresh and innovative thinking, the most modern technologies, and a proven set of core values. Our platform integrates the latest Cloud advances with multi-tenancy, isolated customer databases, SOA and Microsoft WCF & Workflow to deliver best-of-breed functionality at the lowest cost. Give us a call today to see how Blue-Compass can accelerate your publication throughput and get your product into your client’s hands before the competition.

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